$ 24 CAD

 GODDESS RISING MAGAZINE IS PUBLISHED 4 times a year..with a surprise theme issue ! that can arrive at any time to inspire and juice up your week.



 Goddess Rising mag is really a digest,a journal..a coloring collage book..FILLED with women's spirituality articles..columns,images.

.feature Goddess..rituals..reviews..HERstory and issues pretaining to women's spirit.  We are the most Northerly GODDESS mag in the world and circulate in 16 countries.

Inside each issue you will find:

Feature Goddess,Cosmic Goddess(astrology column),Sacred Sex Column,Witch's Kitchen.Ritual & ceromony, articles such as Who is the Goddess?,Intentional Solitude,Spiritual Practice,Yoga,Tantra,Adornment,Empowerment and more