*digital presentations & talks about womens image and story in HER-story


*Viva la Vulva ..sponsored by Peter Hinteregger,Sexsmith AB

* Priestess Healers..Cheryl Walters ,Grande Prairie AB

*The Spiral,The Bee and the Owl..Cheryl King-Grande Prairie

 *Rock Women!Women Rock! ..sponsored by NATURAL AMMOLITE..Lethbridge

*Dancing Forever..Mary Helen Ferris .Lethbridge AB

* Walk Like an Egyptian..Sandra Shmyr  ,Spruce Grove AB

GODDESS BANNER for events sponsored by

 Linda Crawford,Edmonton.AB

Sarah Bradshaw,Enderby B.C.

Unique Perceptions-Spruce Grove AB



IN JAN 2012 we launched the EMPOWERING IMAGE BANK PROJECT dedicated to :

* documenting women's her-story through digital image DVDs & ACTIVITY/CIRCLE CIRRICULUM PACKETS

*to DESIGN a POWERFUL VISUAL DOWNLOAD process of women herstory

*to reveal ANCIENT teachings RELEVENT TODAY

*to add to cultural memory transformation thorough addition of womens images & stories

*to reintroduce women of power stories

* to reveal re-written myths, bias assumptions in analysis of ancient images

* to celebrate suppressed image and stories of women

You can sponsor a DVD production and be part of cultural transformation,,

What about  your circle or group of friends sponsoring one

*$200 produces 1 DVD & funds presentations

*$100 produces 1/2 of a DVD with another person

* 20+ produces in collaboration with others 


Links to your sites & business..acknowledgement at each event..name and logo on DVD & in ads, credits and on posters and flyers..copies of DVD..invitations to GODDESS events for FREE..gifts and surprises..acknowledgments in AURACLE mag and ad discounts GODDESS SPONSOR party..support of your business & projects..