Debra Debow is an award winning retired teacher, mother and grandmother 

 She is passionate about empowering people by connecting them to the POWER of suppressed HER-story and the delight and joy in reclaiming them.


Debra's soul self journey began early with earth based teachings from grandmothers in several traditions. At 9 she was reading a fam trad gem wheel,collecting plants in nature and exploring the world of auras

DEBRA has been blessed with tutors and teachers around the globe including

 her great grandmothers and grandmothers,the Pueblo,Cree,Dene,Sufi,Mevlana,Rom,Druidic and more.


She has devoted 22 years to the study of the myths of ancient artifacts:


These studies have taken her to sacred sites such as Silbury Hill,Stonehendge,Temple fo Aphrodite,Temple of Ephessus, Catal Hoyuk,

Chaco Canyon,Mesa Verde and more.


She has represented Canada at peace and women's conferences around the globe including TURKEY,NEW MEXICO,CANADA,USA,GREECE AND MALTA and presented scholarly papers on research such as ORAL HISTORY OF CREE WOMEN,ELDERS STORIES OF Jon dor PRAIRIE and SACRE YONI


Debra has been asked to facilitate ceremony and ritual in many settings including a GLOBAL NETWORK FOR PEACE PROTEST IN TURKEY to protest public stoning of women( this ceremony required an assistant with an uzi)

and Presentation of Prayer flags to head of a torture squad on live television.


She is an ordained PRIESTESS OF APHRODITE) TURKEY 1998 and was given the title C.A.A. by the House of Commons CA in 1999 for her work in using art as a bridge for peace at GLOBAL conferences.


DEBRA has a rich ethnic background which is evident in her love for adornment and adorning others.

She recues animals,gardens and is an avid out doors woman.

She can call a moose,track a deer and make a meal from the woods
She collects ancient beads and is a practicing artist.
She makes crude oil coffee and great peanut butter cookies.

Debra publishes Goddess RISING MAG..a periodic women's spirituality mag

and COSMIC CUNT newsletter seen at events such as THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES,WOMYN SPIRIT FESTS and tribal festivals.

Last year in Edmonton she implemented MOW AND GROW :a summer program for homelss ppl to secure, own,pay for and operate lawn mowers for income ,have a biz card and # for clients etc.


DEBRA believes in a benevolent universe , loving cosmos and the ALL ONE and that we are headed for a profound and glorious transformation.



**BA, BEd, MEd ,ECS DIP, Dip: Councelling Women,DIP Native Studies